So this was this day last week…how are we doing this week?

No kids, really, it’s fine. I only started my day at 6 am, did a total of 3.5 hours travel, did a full day at work, worked on the train on the way home, walked the usual 2 miles from the train station home, did evening snacks, homework, special time and put all 4 of you to bed, as well as doing an hours work in prep for the court hearing tomorrow, on my day off. Please do continue to call me back upstairs every few minutes for your serious discomforts, including but not limited to… I am too hot…I am too cold…it’s too dark…it’s too light…I don’t like the shadows…there aren’t enough shadows…I can’t find the Harry Potter shadow…are death eaters real…I can’t find my torch…my teddy fell out of bed…I need the loo…can you take me to school tomorrow…the streetlight is too bright…Harry G didn’t sit next to me today even though I saved him a space…my white chicken finds the chicken ramp too steep, can you fix it…you know, sod it, any slight discomfort, please do let me know immediately!


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