Advice for expectant mothers – aim to give birth in Pets at Home.

On Friday, I acquired a few new animals, namely 2 guinea pigs and 2 rescue hamsters. I was provided with a full kit to get me and the animals safely through the first few weeks of their lives. I even got booklets telling me exactly how I could expect these specific animals to behave, what to do in certain situations, and a helpline to call for assistance. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from Pets at Home checking how we were all getting on and that everyone was coping ok.

When I had a baby, or 4, I was discharged from hospital with a baby and a blanket which I had nicked marked ‘Do not remove. Property of RHCH’. There was no instruction manual for my baby.

I therefore suggest that you aim to deliver your newborn in Pets at Home. They will most likely bundle you into the car with a full starter kit, instruction manual, helpline, and they even have stickers with puppies on for your baby. They will call 2 days later to make sure all is ok. If it isn’t, just use the handy helpline. They even take returns.


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