NEW Pets at Home Birthing Service – Why have a normal birth when you could have a Pets at Home Birth?


Pets at Home are delighted to introduce the new Human Birthing Service (PABS)

Here at Pets at Home we understand the difficult choices faced by expectant mothers. Where should I give birth? we hear you ask. You may have to consider a hospital birth, a birthing centre, or even a home birth. Our new service means the choice is simple. The answer will always be a Pets at Home birth.

Your baby couldn't be in safer paws.
Your baby couldn’t be in safer paws.

Specialist services unique to Pets at Home

  1. First Time Mothers.

If you are expecting your first baby, you will understandably be worried about your care during labour and delivery. We can assure you that we employ only the best doctors, nurses and midwives all of whom have a great deal of experience in maternity services. You need only look  at the team from our Pets at Home Store in Huddersfield (where we initially trialled The PABS) to see how professional the Pets at Home service is.


2. Multiple Mummies.

Expecting twins, triplets or more? Worry not, we have it covered. Our specialist team have experience of assisting deliveries involving up to 10 offspring at a time. You really are in safe hands.

Multiple Birth Specialists
Multiple Birth Specialists

3. Emergency procedures.

There is always the possibility that you may require surgical intervention. In every Pets at Home store which has an in store vets, we have set aside one of our surgical rooms for human births. Occasionally, if we have a vetinary emergency at the same time, you may be required to share the theatre with an animal. However we have special screens with pictures of puppies on them, and these will be used to separate you and the animal, thereby maintaining both parties dignity.

4. Information packs, stickers and aftercare.

We promise not to depart from our standard animal purchase aftercare plan. We will provide you will a full information guide relating to your baby. This will cover key topics such as:

‘How do I Care for my New Baby?’

‘How I can expect my New Baby to behave in certain situations’

‘What should I feed my New Baby?’

We also operate a helpline should you find you have any further questions about your newborn. This is not 24 hour as it will be you who has the new baby, therefore never gets any sleep. However, it will be open during normal store opening hours. Our helpful staff will answer any query you have about your new baby.

Included in your pack will be a blanket and a sticker with a picture of a puppy on it for your new baby to wear.

A free puppy sticker for every baby.
A free puppy sticker for every baby.

5. Returns Policy

We do offer a return policy, but please note, all babies must be returned within 14 days, with proof of birthing (included in your aftercare pack). We endeavour to find new homes for all returned babies.

6. Questions and Price Information

Please contact your local Pets at Home store for details of PABS Centres, and price plans.

Please note that all birthing mothers may bring their existing pets as their birthing partners (limited to 6 per mother and not permitted to include animals considered dangerous under the Dangerous Animals Act).

Please note, terms and conditions apply and may vary. In particular, we reserve the right to designate farms as birthing centres in ROI.



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