The Un-yummy mummy’s Frozen lyrics

This is for all you parents out there who thought to yourself Frozen wasn’t too bad the first hundred or so times your kids watched it, but having spent the entire holidays with it blasting at you, have changed that view. Lyrics should be sung to the tune of ‘Let it Go’. I would sing it to you, but basically, I am a crap singer! Enjoy!

The mess is a fright in the kitchen tonight, not a clean patch to be seen. A household of destruction and it looks like I’m the Queen.
The twins are howling and the others have run outside. Can’t stop them now, Heaven knows I’ve tried.

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see. Be the Mummy you always pretend to be. Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.

Well, now they know!

Let it go, let it go, don’t fight them back anymore. Let it go, Let it go, grab some gin and slam the door.I don’t care what they do to that chair, and the carpet never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how some gin makes the mess seem a little more small, the state of my kids bedrooms doesn’t bother me at all. It’s time to see what I can do to hide from them as they chase me. They’ve smashed up all the baubles on the tree!

Let it go, let it go, I am at one with the gin and wine, Let it go, let it go, you will often see me cry. Here I’ll hide drinking gin and wine. Let the kids rage on, the curtains never bothered me anyway.

My despair flurries through the air and into the ground. The kids are running like crazy animals all around. One thought crystallises in a silver pool, when will it be time for them to go back to school?

Let it go, let it go, and I will rise at the crack of dawn. Let it go, let it go, I mean it’s not like I want to sleep on! Here I stand in a mess so grand, let the kids rage on. My home never bothered me anyway!


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