15 Un-Yummy Mummy New Year Resolutions.

1. Try and respond calmly and patiently to the children instead of yelling.

2. Win a competition for a Mercedes Viano (new or second hand, don’t care as long as it goes. It’s hard to squidge 4 kids an au pair, a husband and a bugaboo donkey into anything less, but my budget doesn’t even begin to stretch).

3. Spend more quality time with each child, supporting their learning

4. Put my family before work.

5. Plant a vegetable patch and actually get round to watering it so the plants grow instead of dying in a heap like last year.

6. Obtain a Valium prescription and take the family for another two week camping trip in France (last year I swore I would NEVER camp with the family again).

7. Learn how twitter works and manage to actually tweet within the word limit.

8. Get followed on Twitter and Facebook by The Unmumsy Mum, Just a normal Mummy, and Mummy of Boy Girl Twins to name just a few of my very favourite bloggers.

9. Inherit a Dobby style House Elf which cleans, sews and generally maintains some kind of household order.

10. Manage to get all 4 kids in bed before 8pm.

11. Persuade the kids to stay in bed until 7am.

12. Make sure the new puppy doesn’t eat the cat.

13. Sleep for a whole 8 hours in a row.

14. Lose several stone while still consuming ample quantities of gin, wine and cheese. 

15. Win the lottery and retire. 


4 thoughts on “15 Un-Yummy Mummy New Year Resolutions.

  1. reimerandruby

    What a fantastic list of new years resolution! I love the no. 15th bit the most, I wish it’s that easy though. By the way, thanks for following me on twitter, I’ve followed you back. Lovely post! #TheList

    Liked by 1 person

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