Special Time Slime

When Patch started school last year, we ended up with a lot less together time. In order to compensate, we began a nightly tradition of having half an hour ‘special time’ together each evening before bed, but after the other kids were in bed.

I have never been a paint and playdoh mum. That’s not because I can’t see the value in it, but because I REALLY HATE CLEANING. I did playdoh once about a year ago, and I am still picking bits of multicoloured crap off the carpets. As for paint, having seen what my lot can do with felt tips, we will never be going there. My favourite special time activities with Patch are playing a hidden object game or watching Harry Potter with a glass of vino (obviously Patch does not have vino. He is 6.) As time has gone on, he has got a bit bored of this. We have tried other activities, but generally they have a been a bit crap. We tried growing odd plants like Venus fly traps. We checked the soil every day for about 6 months before reluctantly concluding that even the most stubborn of plants would have broken through in that time. We have painted a wooden plane, made cardboard monsters and generally tried things that only 1 of us enjoyed.

Then I found slime. Real proper slime. It is from the Wild Slime range at Tree Toys. I am sharing this with you because it really is pretty good fun. Basically you follow the steps mixing bits together as you go. You can choose glow in the dark slime and to have clear or green slime. It only takes about 5 minutes to make and best of all, it’s not messy. The kit has gloves, proper goggles and a mask, so Patch took it all very seriously. There is enough to make a few slime batches, and apparently if it dries out, you can just wet it again.

We have made 2 batches so far. I don’t know how they are after a few days as Patch squirrelled them away upstairs. He made one glow in the dark one and one not. When I asked to see them, he told me that he had mixed the two together, and I couldn’t see them yet as they needed time to get to know each other better!IMG_0702-0


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