Tomy Tippee cooked at 180 for 5 minutes…

I am not laughing. Ok, I am laughing really hard because this is totally the type of parenting moment that blights me nearly every day. My friend just posted a request on Facebook for advice on how to remove a melted Tomy Tippee cup from the inside of her oven. (I am so sorry for laughing. I hope we are still friends!)

Obviously, being a really useful friend to have, I know that ice removes melted plastic. I suggested she put her oven in her freezer. Luckily, another of our much more practical mummy friends suggested she put an ice bag on it to freeze, then scrape off. 

Total respect to plastic cooking mummy who ordered a takeaway curry and left it for her husband to sort when he got in from work! That is sooooo what I would have done. 
Dear universe, it turns out I am not alone after all!!!

The Un-Yummy Mummy


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