Did they miss me…?

I had my first night away ‘sans enfants’ for 7 years, last night. I shared with you my worries and thought processes, and my final decision that I was actually entitled to 24 hours away, parent or not, with you. Thanks for those who shared with me their feelings and the fact that I am not alone!

So, how was it? Too good to be true. At this point, I am going to be unusually un-sharey (I know, it’s taken a lot of willpower!!!). Usually, I share it all. However, I have a bit of a special treat for you guys coming up soon, so let’s forget the whole night away thing for now. Whatever you do, please don’t be tempted to look at The Hundred House (www.hundredhouse.co.uk) website as it would be a total spoiler. And whatever you do, please do NOT like their Facebook page. Please, just leave it alone. We will get there in the end. Unless you live locally to Norton, Shropshire, in which case, ditch the kitchen and head straight over. Anyway, getting distracted….

So I got home to find the following:

1. All 4 kids are still alive and healthy.

2. Late nights for kids has a whole new meaning.

3. The fact that the cat is tunnelling under my dressing gown tells me he missed me.

4. There was some confusion about pre-school pickup which resulted in a child being deposited home around 1 hour later than should have been the case (thanks pre-school for your understanding!)

5. Our au pair is an award winning genius.

6. The confusion over the ‘Frozen’party invitations can probably be undone. 

7. Apparently batman likes homous and has come to a grisly end (see photo!)

8. The 3 yo has finally bonded with the cat!

9. I really bloody missed the little people I have been cursing ( though not enough to turn down an overnight invitation…!)

Please do keep a close eye…treat of the year is on the horizon! Xxx



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