The Keeper, the Pheasant, and Dave the Chichuahu!

What a totally fabulous day roaming the New House Farm estate with Jeff and the team, tripping over the occasional pheasant, woodcock, spaniel and labrador. It’s hard to work out which part of the day was the best.

There was the company, the landscape, the dogs, not to mention the lamb stew. However, as those who were there will know, the highlight has to be the lunchtime production of Dave, the shooting chichuahu, from his Range Rover. Dave, sporting the latest in puppy field wear, was ever so slightly cute. I might have adopted him for mealtimes. He was happy to socialise, and eager to make friends. Sadly, the working dogs were at a loss to work out what species he actually was, having never seen a creature smaller than a pheasant wearing a blue puffa jacket. Ok, I don’t think they had ever seen anything but a human in a puffa jacket. Ok, they had never actually seen a puffa jacket. Nonetheless, the gorgeous Dave held his own (with a little help from me).

The point at which I actually cracked up (and have still not stopped laughing several hours later!) was the point at which I was  informed that the reason Dave was remaining in his Landrover on this shoot was as a result of his last shooting experience. Apparently he was sitting on the peg with his Daddy when an over-zealous retriever scooped him up, and delivered him to the slightly bemused game collector. Luckily the retrievers have soft mouths!

Thanks so so much all for such a fabulous day! I hereby instigate the beaters ballot

for adoption of a mascot! It has to be Dave the Chichuahua!

Have to go now, as I am being licked to death by my Jack Russell (obvs not blowdried like some soppy gamekeepers dogs!)

Looking forward to Monday! Xxx



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