Cooking for Mummies – Quiche

No, No, No! I haven’t lost the plot or turned ‘Yummy’. That’s precisely the point. Making homemade quiche sounds like a totally yummy mummy thing to do right? So use it to impress those yummy mummy friends, school PTA, Nursery bring something in party day, or your birthday at work. Making quiche is actually really bloody simple (but for goodness sake, don’t tell the yummy mummies that or we have had it!). This is a ‘use to impress’ recipe. No longer do you need to sigh in exasperation and consult Deliah the day before one of your new mummy friends comes for a lunch playdate, having ascertained that the usual pizza is not going to make the grade.

As is standard with my recipes, this can be done with a twin clinging to either leg, a 3 year old using a chair to try and climb onto your shoulders, and a 6 year old having a meltdown because the Netflix connection has been lost. Also, as standard, you should cheat. Basic rule is starred items are cheats staples, and should be kept in stock for easy cheating all week long.

I am giving you the recipe for smoked salmon and watercress quiche, but basically you can delete smoked salmon and watercress, and add whatever you like. Also, it’s great for kids to be able to choose their own favourite things to go in. I have been found making pea, ham and sweetcorn quiche before now (obvs not the best recipe for yummy mummies coming to tea!).


This recipe makes one large or two standard quiches. Upscale or downscale, keeps for 2 days in the fridge, and is suitable for home freezing. Eat hot or cold. Please note, you need to take your pre-rolled pastry out of the fridge around 30 minutes before you use it, otherwise, it will crack. Takes around 15 minutes to make (so 30 minutes with kids) and approx 45 minutes to cook.

Ready rolled low fat short crust pastry (2 boxes – you will have some left over, and you may be able to do it with 1 if you are good at patchwork)

9 free range eggs

1 600 ml tub of reduced fat creme fraiche

3 teaspoons of wholegrain mustard*

Salt and pepper*

Ground nutmeg (entirely optional)

1 small packet of smoked salmon

1 bag of ready washed watercress

1/2 bag grated mature cheddar

1 small bag grated mozarella


  1. Grease your quiche dish(es) with butter or oil and put the oven on at 180 degrees C.
  2. Line the quiche dish with your pastry. You can use patchwork to make it fit. As long as it’s all about the same thickness and there are no gaps, no-one will notice.
  3. Shred the smoked salmon and add to the pastry.
  4. Tip in a bag of pre-washed watercress.
  5. Add all of the grated cheese sprinkling it evenly over the dish.
  6. Crack 9 eggs into a bowl, and add the creme fraiche, some ground pepper, a tiny pinch of salt, and a good shake of nutmeg. Whisk together.
  7. Ladle this mixture into your dish(es) and cook at 180 degrees celcuis for around 45 minutes (for temperature conversions, please consult google).
  8. Timing is quite flexible. Just keep an eye on it. To check if its cooked, stick a skewer or something similar into the middle and if it comes out clean or with a bit of eggy mix on it, its done. Getting too browned? Turn the oven down, or cover with silver foil.
  9. Serve to yummy people without sharing the method or ingredients. Bask in the yummy praise. Look truly yummy and accomplished, because, of course, you are

If you come up with any special new flavours, I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, looking forward to seeing your yummy quichey photos! Here are mine!

Pastry with salmon.
Pastry with salmon.
Eggy mix.
Eggy mix.
Last step before cooking.
Last step before cooking
The 'Yummy' finished quiche!
The ‘Yummy’ finished quiche!



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