Welcome home,  from the internet cat!

As a working mummy (3 days per week) I feel consigned to a ‘grass is always greener’ kind of life. 

While at work, I feel an enduring guilt about not being there for my kids (while secretly enjoying uninterrupted coffe and loo breaks!). This is particularly prevalent as my 3 y/o suffers from fits, so can end up being ambulanced to hospital at any time (My commute is almost 2 hours each way, so I can’t be at her bedside quickly when she fits!). 

On my days at home, I find myself regularly checking and replying to work emails, and bribing children with Peppa Pig and haribo so that they will keep silent for long enough for me to conduct a court telephone hearing. 

It is not ideal, but I am very far from being alone. I want to teach my kids the value of working, and am lucky enough to have a part time job (and these are by no means easy to come by). Equally, I want to be there for my children. 

Whatever you do, stay at home, work full time, or split the difference, if you are like me, you never feel like you win. Today I missed the kids more than usual while at work. The train home seemed slow, and I   hurried back to be with them. When I eventually made it home, I was greeted as follows:



– the electricity is not working so lots of the lights won’t go on (*Mummy flicks trip switch and miraculously the problem resolves!*)

– the Internet is not working. This means Netflix is not working. This is the childhood equivalent of Armageddon. (*Mummy spends 30 minutes randomly switching Internet on and off until Netflix finally starts working. Kids stop crying*)

– Kids release the magnetic letters onto the floor in the name of education. Then they stand on them in bare feet. This is the equivalent of standing on Lego in bare feet. They cry a lot. Mummy tidies up. 

– Having established Internet connection, Mummy tried to use the Internet. This move is blocked by Purcy the cat. Purcy comes first and computers don’t feature. Purcy launches himself onto the iPad and laptop and starts treading over the keys messaging as he goes.

 – We have a major problem in that the sea monkeys have hatched but someone has thrown away the sea monkey food. If anyone has the faintest idea what sea monkeys eat, please get in touch! 



6 thoughts on “Welcome home,  from the internet cat!

  1. rhymingwithwine

    I’m with you on the part time front. In some ways it’s the best of both worlds, but in other ways I think we end up trying to make up for it by trying to be both a full time mum and full time employee in part time hours? Sending wine! 🙂

    Ps – I have to ask… what’s a sea monkey? (And where can I get one? It sounds awesome!) X

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  2. agentspitback

    I feel the same way! I love working and I love my family as well. It is hard to find a happy balance, there’s always constant adjustments and I think that’s the key. Expect to keep adjusting because kids grow up, needs change, situations change, you change. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

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