MOTHERS DAY GIVEAWAY – win a romantic stay for 2 at The Hundred House Hotel!


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Ok, so you will all have been astounded to see that I actually managed to prise myself from my snot and jam coated infants to take a well deserved night away with hubby. Where did we go? Hundred House Hotel in Shropshire.

This is a review of our stay along with an awesome giveaway. Need a luxurious night away from the kids? This is the competition for you! Read on for full details. Please note, we paid in full for our meal and stay. This is an unbiased unpaid for review, and consists entirely of my own opinions. 

Why Hundred House Hotel?

When it came to choosing a hotel for our first night away in 7 years, we wanted to go somewhere that had been worth waiting 7 years for, but which didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We went to Shropshire for a shooting day. Having checked out endless websites, my hubby presented me with a  shortlist of 4 hotels. My eyes lit upon this particular hotel, and to be honest, on the internet, none of the others compared. It was even better in real life. It just had that feel about it. You know the one I mean. It had wooden beams, wonky walls and fires and wood burners all over the place. Red quarry tiles, exposed bricks and ancient oak furniture really create the most wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. It doesn’t matter how modern your home is (or not!), this place feels like home (only a bit posher, and less messy, and it doesn’t have banana stuck to the seats, and the risk of stepping barefoot on a Lego brick is really very low…).


The Room

This comes with a health warning. When you go in, you might faint at the total loveliness and plushness of the room (husbands, be ready to catch please). You may also find it very difficult to check out again! The features just keep on coming. The most unusual feature of our room was that it had a flower draped swing (yes, a real swing!) hanging from a wooden ceiling beam. It had a velvet seat, and you could swing on it to your hearts content (which obviously I did because with 4 kids, I never get a turn on the swings at the park!).

Once you have got over that little shock (in my case after around 10 minutes of excited swinging!), you will see a beautiful room. Ours had gorgeous dark oak furniture, four poster bed and pretty wooden blanket box (filled with blankets) There were two wingback chairs, footstools, TV, and just about everything else you could need (yes, there was real coffee and a cafetière).

The bathroom had a stunning freestanding modern version of a Victorian rolltop bath, giant shower cubicle, sink and loo. The bath is placed directly below a skylight looking up to the stars.

Basically, this bedroom is about as romantic as it gets!


The Bar/Restaurant

I can’t really re-create the character and atmosphere here with words alone (so I am adding some pictures, although even those don’t do this place justice because I am a crap photographer, and also because it was dark when we arrived, and dark when we left!). I sat on a surprisingly comfy ancient wooden settle, next to a well tended woodburner, and in the company of a small number of other couples (and of course hubby!). It was a Monday evening in mid January. It did not matter at all that the restaurant was relatively quiet. This is a family run business, and that oozed out of every pore. The family members were buzzing around quietly and attentively, which contributed to the homely feeling.

As you may have gathered, I rather like wine. Trouble is, I am superly picky about my white wine. It has to be just right. Not too citrussy or too dry, but not too sweet either. To the absolute credit of our host, she took me through the wine list, made a recommendation. When I established it was only sold by the bottle, told me she would take it back and replace it with no charge if I didn’t like it once opened. To me, this screams great customer service and inspires loyalty. It is a rare quality to find these days. It was also really nice wine, and a super choice by our host.

We wanted to sit, read, possibly blog etc before dinner. We were asked discreetly several times if we were ready to order. There was no pressure and no awkwardness. First class service!



The snug.

The Chef

Yes, he gets his own review. The head chef, Stuart Philips, has two AA rosettes along with various other awards. He trained in Michelin starred London restaurants, and in recent years, has headed up the team at Hundred House Hotel. I will be honest, the food on offer was a big part of my choosing this place. I like nice food a lot! We were not disappointed.

When hubby started asking particularly awkward questions (which deer species is the venison, how long has it been hung, etc) instead of just making it up, within minutes the chef was at our table answering all of the questions. He told us a bit more about the source of the meat, fish and fruit and vegetables he uses in the restaurant. This was a really nice treat, especially as we do our best to eat natural and local.

I had the scallops to start, then the grilled beef with Jacobs ladder (No,  I didn’t know what it was either. We googled it!). It is the tender rib meat braised in the most delicious thick gravy until it literally falls apart. It was served in a  circle of crispy bacon. The grilled beef was divine, and it came with a  selection of vegetables and lovely mash. I can’t review pudding because I ate so much starter, dinner and bread, that I couldn’t fit it in. I had dessert wine instead! Hubby was equally pleased with his meal.




The Competition

I think this is one of the best hidden gems I have ever come across. I would really love people to spread the word so that others can enjoy this super place.

The prize is an overnight stay for two, at this wonderfully romantic hotel. This includes breakfast, which is just divine. It includes fruit, yoghurt, muesli and the like for healthy peeps. You can also choose from a range of hot breakfasts including kippers and a full English. If you are a piglet like me, you might even try both! You can wash this down with fruit juices and fresh tea and coffee

How to Enter

Please click on the link that says ‘click here to enter’. You will be asked to do 3 things:

  1. Like the page 4kidsandachicken
  2. Share this post on Facebook.
  3. Like the Hundred House Hotel Facebook page

I know now everyone is super busy, so I am not asking you to comment or share on Twitter to enter. Only the above are mandatory.

There are further options available including following on Twitter (@4kids1chicken and @TheHundredHouse) and sharing on Twitter as well as leaving a comment. Apparently this increases your chances of winning (not sure how – you would need to ask rafflecopter!)

The team at the Hundred House and I have worked hard to bring you this great prize. We hope you will enjoy this competition.

As this is such a valuable prize, I have included some small print below.

Small print below

The offer includes what is set out in ‘The competition’ section above. It doesn’t include any extras including, but not limited to telephone calls, travel to or from the hotel, or any additional drinks or food, or additional nights stay. These will need to be paid for directly to the Hundred House Hotel. The nights stay will be subject to availability, and this will need to be confirmed directly with the Hundred Hotel. The stay must be taken between 1 March and 1 June 2016. Any extensions will be entirely within the discretion of the Hundred House Hotel Management. This prize is not transferable, is non saleable, and has no cash value. Terms and conditions may be altered at the discretion of the competition holders.





15 thoughts on “MOTHERS DAY GIVEAWAY – win a romantic stay for 2 at The Hundred House Hotel!

  1. Samantha Mann

    This would be a lovely treat, we don’t get many chances to get away without the kids either (twice in the last 5.5 years in fact… neither of which was our wedding night or honeymoon!) So this would be lovely… and that bathroom looks AMAZING


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