Boxcitement review and giveaway!

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So what have I been up to recently? Well, I have been scaring used car salesmen, enjoying Eco Kids magazines at special time, attempting to train a puppy, working, mummying, wifeing…oh yes, and hosting a dinner party!

Recently I was asked by Bocxitement to review one of their boxes and let everyone know what I thought. What is Boxcitement I hear you cry! Well, it is a company which endeavours to liven up your life by adding a little excitement. They do this by posting you a box once a month. Every month it contains something different, and you can opt to have no idea what you will get (hence the excitement!).

I do love a good surprise, although I am not very patient. When my box arrived, I couldn’t wait to get into it to see what was in it. It’s a well packaged handy letter box sized box. Being the mature parent I am, I obviously banned the equally excited kids from participating in the opening of the box, although of course, I let them watch. Inside, I found a whole range of goodies aimed at helping me host the perfect dinner party. The box contained:

1. The definitive dinner party planner guide book.

2. Invitations cards.

3. Coloured doilies.

4. Coloured tea lights.

5. A charm making kit.

6. 4 After Eights in a personalised box.

7. A ‘How’s the Head’ kit for the morning after. This contained:

(i) Berocca.

(ii) Ear plugs.

(iii) White tea toning eye gel.

(iv) A tin of sliders strawberry lip balm.

Β After explaining to the kids that no-one ever posts me anything except bills so this was mine all mine, I got to thinking. Why not host a dinner party. It’s been so long since I had one, I cannot actually remember the last one. I looked in my diary, picked a date, and wrote the invitations.

The planner was actually very useful. If you are a busy person, it is pretty easy to forget a key step in the organisation. There were also tips which I didn’t know, or hadn’t really thought about. For example, to think about a seating plan, and arrange people according to their interests and things they may have in common. I had always just let people arrange themselves. However, where you have friends who don’t know each other, some may get on with each other better than others. I have one good friend who spends at least 50% of his life talking about Landrovers, and another friend who doesn’t drive and cycles everywhere. I can’t imagine they would have much to say to each other beyond the initial pleasantries, but could easily end up sitting next to each other in my DIY approach to seating. There are also some etiquette tips and a handy wine and food pairing guide (now safely filed for my next dinner party!).i also really loved the tip about lighting a scented candle in the loo!

The invitation cards were really lovely, and everyone who was invited commented on the quality. I will confess that the after eights were eaten exclusively by me in advance of the party, but I did buy a box (one of my own tips – they are really nice frozen! (This is the type of tip you come up with when you accidentally shove them in the freezer when putting away the shopping, and only find them while getting ice for your guests drinks!).

We all had a lovely evening, and the rescue kit came in handy the next day after I was wakened at 5.30 am by the kids demanding breakfast.

What I liked about the box was firstly the excitement, followed by the incentive to do something which I might otherwise not have done. As I have said, the contents were great, and well thought out. The only thing which I would have liked is a couple of sample menus or tips on things to avoid. I am never sure whether it’s ok to serve garlicky or spicy foods, or whether to play it safe. That’s probably me just being a bit lazy though!

So what’s in next month’s box? I have no idea, and that’s the point for me. You can choose to find out in advance, but for me that would rather spoil the experience.

To experience Boxcitement for yourself, why not enter this fantastic giveaway:Β Boxcitement have kindly offered the prize of a free surprise box to one lovely reader. To enter, please click on the link above which says ‘click here to enter’.


12 thoughts on “Boxcitement review and giveaway!

  1. emmagough78

    There’s nothing quite like the surprise of receiving a parcel in the post. I was once an Avon rep but had to give it up because I spent all my money I made every time just so I could order things and receive a parcel! πŸ˜€ I’m sure I’d be the ideal customer for box of excitement….ssshhh don’t tell them who I am! LOL

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