Eco Kids Planet review and giveaway!


Win a 12 month subscription to Eco Kids Planet magazine.


As regular readers will know, every evening, Patch and I have ‘special time’. This came about when attending school during the day, and competing with his 3 siblings in the evenings became a source of upset to him.

Special time starts at 7pm when the twins are whisked off to bed by Daddy, and Lucy is doing an activity or watching TV. When it comes to thinking up great children’s activities, basically, I am completely crap! I very often get it wrong. You need only look at the failed ‘Grow your own crazy plants kit’ where none of the plants ever germinated. We nurtured some mouldy soil for around 8 weeks before giving up. Then, there are the ‘sea monkeys’ where we somehow managed to lose the years worth of food on the second day after we were meant to start feeding them. I could go on, but I am sure you get the picture. Recently, thinking up special time activities was becoming a source of stress for me!

When I was asked to review Eco Kids Planet magazine, I rubbed my hands with glee. Patch loves aminals, and it is always nice to try and do something educational at special time. When I received a bundle of magazines in the post, I was immediately impressed by the amazing vibrant photographs on the cover of every edition, as well as the high quality feel and look of the publication. It turned out that was only the start of the Eco Kids journey!

Each magazine focuses on a particular area or region of the world. Β We started with the Amazon, as being a 6 year old boy, Patch loved the snapping crocodile on the front cover. He was absolutely engrossed in the Amazon Animal Top Trumps which detail animals such as the green basilisk lizard, which can run on water, and the giant anaconda which has eaten humans whole (as you can imagine, he wanted the grisly details!). The section on ill fated adventures into the Amazon was equally as fascinating for Patch and I. It’s broken into little chunks, perfect for children. It is not all reading either. We learnt how to draw a river turtle, and other activities included a pull out board game.

The Arctic issue features lots of interesting scientific facts as well as an arctic workbook complete with stickers to place the animals at the right layer of the arctic seas, and a night sky star chart. The photographs of India are amazing, and gave Patch such an insight into how different places in the world can be from each other. As always, there were games, and a particularly educational article on pollution including pictures of the devastating state of some of the rivers.

Our favourite fact about China was that Panda mothers cannot look after twins. In captivity, the twins are rotated between the mother and an incubator, with top up milk provided. The Panda mother believes that she has only one cub, not realising that she actually has two. Tonight, we plan on making our own Chinese dragon at special time.

In short, this has been an amazing special time journey for Patch and I. We have both learned a great deal, and best of all, we have really honestly enjoyed reading every magazine from cover to cover, and doing all of the activities.

The verdict from Patch?

“Please, please, please keep the magazines coming. I love them. The best ones are the killer animal ones, and the animals that look like monsters. I have been playing river monsters with my friends at school. They want to see my magazines, so my teacher said I could bring them in for show and tell next week!”

Obviously then he ran off pretending to be a roaring snapping caiman crocodile scaring the life out of Lucy, and Emily. Ben ran off to get a sword to kill the crocodile, so all seems to be in order!

In conclusion, these magazines are very well worth subscribing to. I know that I am unlikely to buy mainstream supermarket kids magazines again any time soon, having seen the real quality this has to offer.

The giveaway

Eco Kids Planet have kindly given me a 12 month subscription to give away to one of my lovely readers.

When you click on the link above, where it says ‘CLICK HERE TO ENTER,’ there are a number of options. As always, I know you are all mega busy. The only options that are compulsory are to like my Facebook page, comment on the post, and share the post, and to like Eco Kids Planet Facebook page. The other options are all voluntary, but do increase your chances of winning.

Thanks for reading. Good luck everyone!


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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    What a fabulous way to learn and have fun
    My nephews love coco dulles frogs and pretty much any animal
    What a perfect way to indulge and feed them lots of interesting facts

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