Cooking for Mummies…Salmon and broccoli pasta.


It’s been a while, I know. So here you go, another ‘Cooking for Mummies’ recipe.

As is standard, this recipe can be done in 20- 3o minutes even with a twin hanging off each leg, a puppy to trip over, a cat to keep out of the ingredients, repeated Netflix channel and volume adjustments for a 6 year old and while resolving a dispute between the 4 year old and the chicken over a hot cross bun.

If you haven’t read one of these recipes before, ingredients with an * are basic keep in the house always ingredients as they get lobbed into lots of dishes!

Salmon and Broccoli pasta for picky little darlings


A bag of pasta

4 salmon fillets

Milk (1.5 – 2 pints)

A bunch of broccoli

A Knor fish stock pot*

Half a bag of ready grated cheese

3 to 4 tsp of cornflower*

* I keep a plastic tub of stock pots in the cupboard as they make lots of things taste great. The fact that I toss them all in together does make it tricky to tell if I have run out of a particular type. Then again, no-one has ever noticed when I have substituted a vegetable pot for a chicken one etc. 


Put the salmon, milk and stockpot into a saucepan, cover it, bring to the boil, then simmer for 5 minutes.

Boil the broccoli, then drain.

Boil the pasta, then drain. Depending on how shitty your kids are being at the time, you may even be able to simultaneously boil the pasta and broccoli (obvs this is pretty unlikely).

Take the salmon out of the milk, remove skin and feed to awaiting dog or cat, and break the fish into little pieces.

Stir a small amount cold water into the cornflour and mix to a paste, then and add the to simmering milk. (If the sauce is not thick enough, just repeat.) Add the cheese, pasta, salmon and broccoli, and serve.

Spend the next 5 minutes blowing frantically on said pasta to cool it, amidst a chorus of cries such as “Where’s my dinner? I am starving! Can I have a banana? I hate pasta! She hit me! I need wee! etc etc etc. Finally, when cool enough, deposit in front of kids.


You can actually blitz or mash the salmon if your little darlings decide that since you are making fish, they hate fish. Equally, blitz the broccoli, or substitute another vegetable.


See if you can make a cup of tea, and drink two mouthfuls of it while hot before the chaos resumes.

Happy Cooking everyone!






4 thoughts on “Cooking for Mummies…Salmon and broccoli pasta.

  1. This Mum's Life

    Ha! I love that you’ve still managed to get a humorous spin in there!! I’m still slogging away, trying to get my littlies to eat anything other than cheerios, waffles, and unfathomables that they forage from the floor…! But one day I’m sure they’ll expand their tastes! I will give this a go, and let you know the result!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    Liked by 1 person

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