Mummy, what are we doing today?

You have been up for 2 hours, made an endless round of breakfasts, sorted out the arguments over whether it should be Dennis the Menace or Team Umi Zumi on TV, boiled the kettle at least 6 times for a cup of tea you have yet to make….and then they ask the dreaded question.

On a day when we don’t have any of our regular classes on, the answer is usually googling, or scratching around to find the copy of the Grapevine magazine I grabbed last time we were at Mums and Tots. Up until recently, we had a fairly full schedule of regular activities. The trouble is, though, that as the little darlings grow, they get bored of what was once the best Mums and Tots, or toddler dance class. For me, making sure the twins don’t get bored is a major must. Unless fully entertained, they start to amuse themselves by causing as much trouble as they can find, acting as a duo and laughing to themselves at their own cleverness. 

This summer will see the release of a free app called Club Hub UK. It is intended to allow you to locate children’s clubs and activities around the U.K. You will be able to input your location, your child or children’s  ages and interests to view results related to them. 

Our family activities will be changing a lot from July as the twins are starting pre-school. If this app delivers what it promises, then I know that I will be a regular user!

I will let you all know when it has been launched. In the meantime, if you would like to check out Club Hub UK’s own pages for more info, the links are below. 






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