The Easter Rat

Today, Mummy felt a great sense of pride as she ordered the 7 year old out the door to hide easter eggs round the garden. Mummy hadn’t actually remembered to buy any eggs to hide on behalf of the Easter Bunny, but we are staying at Grandma’s for Easter, and Grandma never forgets that kind of thing. The fact that eggs were being hidden was an achieviement. Better still, Mummy remembered to lock the dogs in to avoid any canine chocolate mishaps. 

Mummy and child skipped around the garden secreting the foil wrapped little chocolates here and there. The last was the big Lindt bunny. Mummy hid it under the bird table. Not too obvious, but not too well hidden. 5 minutes later the egg hunt was on.

Being prepared to my usual standard, each child was provided with a dog poo bag (new!) in which to collect their eggs. All was going well until I took a peep at where I had put the Lindt bunny. It was gone, yet I hadn’t heard the squeal of success at its finding. 7 year old and I checked each poo/easter bag, but none contained the Lindt bunny. He said  I must have moved it. I reckoned he had snaffled it. 5 minutes of bewilderment later, we concluded that the chocolate bunny had hopped off. 

A short time later we heard a shout. The terrier was up by the shed. She had managed to snatch the paper off the Lindt bunny, but not before the chocolate bunny had been seen to disappear under the shed in the paws of a rat. 

The twins looked at us and exclaimed how lovely it was that the Easter bunny had left chocolate for the rat! Even Mummy cannot be blamed for this Easter disaster!


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